Team Projects (PBL)

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Project-based Learning (PBL) can be used in classrooms in various forms.  Staci and Rob have done many workshops on one form they call Team Projects.  Their textbooks also have an abundance of this type of activity.  The workshop below includes a brief description of PBL and a more extensive description of team projects.  The handout is exclusively for team projects and how to be successful in the ESL class.

Rob and Staci believe that students respond well to short 1-2 day opportunities to do team projects.  This is often very productive and useful in the ESL classroom.  These projects are designed to mirror real-life circumstances somewhat like extended simulations.

Original Project-Based Learning PPT (PDF), Handout (PDF)

PBL Webinar for TESOL

Food for a Week Sheets PDF

Project-based Learning PPT and Team Projects Updated

Project Based Learning Extended (LA City College) and Team Project Handout Updated


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