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February 6, 2019

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Welcome to our website.  You are welcome to leave comments but we really do not expect you to.  If you want to discuss ideas, please feel free.  You can of course just email us.  Staci and I do workshops throughout the country and occasionally internationally. People often ask us for handouts or other resources, so the purpose of the site is for easy access to the handouts and PowerPoints.  Click on the workshop category to the right and download whatever you would like.


Rob Jenkins  (robjenkins.esl@gmail.com)


OC CATESOL Presentation February 2019 – See Teacher Mentoring

EL Civics January and February 2019 – Go to Team Projects (PBL) and CASAS/EL Civics

CATESOL 2018 December – Go to Team Projects (PBL) and Critical Thinking and Standards

Sacramento November 2018 – Go to Employability and Academic Preparation and Lesson Planning

Saddleback Presentation  November 2018 – Go to Employability and Academic Preparation

LA City College & East LA College September-December  2018– Go to Team Projects (PBL), Critical thinking and Standards, Employability and Academic Preparation

Chicago June 2018 – Go to Employability or Critical Thinking



New Edition!

February 17, 2016

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Front Covers.

February 2016 – The Third Edition of Stand Out is now coming out.  We are so excited.  What’s new?

  • Highlighted Critical Thinking Activities  (See our workshop on Critical Thinking)
  • CCR correlations for every lesson!
  • 2 kinds of video are now integrated into the text.  They are the life-skill video and also NatGeo videos (See our workshop on teaching with videos)
  • NatGeo images are throughout (See our workshop on teaching in context)
  • Special reading sections on NatGeo explorers
  • Academic feel and look
  • New print workbook that incorporates all four skills and goes beyond just grammar to include life-skills and vocabulary with ample reading and writing opportunities. It also includes CASAS practice pages.
  • New online presence including the videos, multilevel worksheets, listening practice, and an online workbook.
  • An interactive online workbook that is not the print workbook but additional practice for students to do at home or for the teacher to use in class.
  • A presentation tool that allows the instructor to access all the audio and video as well as make annotations for interactive whiteboards.

See our newest commercial presentation: Stand Out 3E

Read about our rationale and philosophy: Stand Out Curriculum History and Description

How do Levels Line Up?: NRS Levels and Stand Out

Here is a sample unit: Sampler 1

Go to the website: Click Here

See Staci in video talking about the program: Click Here



June 22, 2015

Invite Rob to Your Institution!

In June 2015 I will go to Lima, Peru and share ideas about creating a Professional Learning Community and Lesson Planning.  I am excited to go on this trip.  I will be visiting different programs, culminating with four workshops for Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA).  I am also looking forward to taking some time to visit all the sites including Machu Picchu.

I will be giving the Professional Learning Community workshop to Santa Ana College in August, so it is great to have the motivation to write this workshop up early in the summer.  It will be fun and I hope interesting and useful in Peru.  Below, please find the PPT’s for the workshops (in PDF format) and the handouts.

Professional learning Communities: PPT, Handout

Lesson Planning: PPT, Handout

Classroom Research Packet

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July 25, 2011
Welcome to our blog.  As Staci and I do workshops, seminars, and plenaries related to various ESL topics, we welcome you to visit and comment.  We hope that this will become an ongoing avenue for discussion about many different topics.
This is a low-maintenance site.  This is the only “post” we will make.  Every workshop is identified within a topic and found on pages listed on the right of this page.  You can comment on  pages about specific topics by clicking on the page or you can comment generally here on this post.  Staci and I will respond as we have time.
Talk to you soon,
Rob Jenkins

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