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In July 2014, I took my second trip to Brazil.  I visited Salvador like my last trip and Brasilia for the first time. This time, I promoted good teaching techniques like lesson planning and project-based learning.  I also promoted the second edition of World English.  It was already a great international textbook that integrates the four skills and grammar and vocabulary.  I was asked to come on board as the series editor for the 2nd edition to help firm up the lesson planning aspect of the materials.  I think the team did a tremendous job of making the activities ALL match the goals.  We have also added more NatGeo content and TED talks.  It is beautiful to say the least and perfect for learners and teachers. Below are the workshops.  I also gave a non-commercial plenary in Brasilia to conclude my trip. Rob

Workshop: Lesson Planning Brazil

Workshop: Project-based Learning and Team Projects

Plenary: Motivated Students are Engaged and Inspired

In July 2011, I had the great pleasure to visit Brazil and do grammar workshops and plenaries on designing your own professional development plan.  It was absolutely great to return to Brazil after 31 years, experience the culture and the language once again.  I was especially impressed by the teachers and their enthusiasm.  We are involved in a great work.  That is for sure!  Rob

The following links will provide the handouts for the workshop and the plenary.

Communication and Grammar: building the bridge from accuracy to fluency   PPT (PDF),  Handout (PDF), PPT with Notes

Three Standards for Good Teaching (Plenary) PPTHandout (PDF)

Other Related Materials:

Grammar Practice Progression PPTx

Try a strategy in the classroom and report below, or comment on the workshop itself.


  1. Hi Rob. I was revisiting my notes and re-reading your materials. I attended both of your presentattions, and it was really profitable to have the chance of discussing concepts and listening to your ideas. I’d also like to thank you, even if it’s just now, for making all your files available to us.

  2. HI Rob, Interesting workshop. The concept is simple but effective for understanding. Sorry, I did not actually participate in the workshop. When are you going to this at Flex.. Diana Rivers

    • I’m glad you like it Diana. We hope to be doing this workshop or a series like this in the future very soon.

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