Stand Out

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February 2016 – The Third Edition of Stand Out is now coming out.  We are so excited.  What’s new?

  • Highlighted Critical Thinking Activities  (See our workshop on Critical Thinking)
  • CCR correlations for every lesson!
  • 2 kinds of video are now integrated into the text.  They are the life-skill video and also NatGeo videos (See our workshop on teaching with videos)
  • NatGeo images are throughout (See our workshop on teaching in context)
  • Special reading sections on NatGeo explorers
  • Academic feel and look
  • New print workbook that incorporates all four skills and goes beyond just grammar to include life-skills and vocabulary with ample reading and writing opportunities. It also includes CASAS practice pages.
  • New online presence including the videos, multilevel worksheets, listening practice, and an online workbook.
  • An interactive online workbook that is not the print workbook but additional practice for students to do at home or for the teacher to use in class.
  • A presentation tool that allows the instructor to access all the audio and video as well as make annotations for interactive whiteboards.

General commercial presentation: Stand Out 3E

Here is a sample unit: Sampler 1

Go to the website: Click Here

See Staci describe the program in video: Click Here

Philosophy Guide3 (PDF)

Stand Out Curriculum TEXT (PDF)

Rob and Staci Podcast on textbooks

Stand Out Curriculum3

       SO Grammar Continuum

Try a strategy in the classroom and report below, or comment on the workshop itself.

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