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In February 2016 Rob had the honor of doing an all-day workshop for OC CATESOL followed in Miami with two similar workshops a few days later. Orange County CATESOL is a California chapter of CATESOL an affiliate of TESOL.  Rob was the coordinator in  around 2000 and Staci just after him.  This recent event was well planned with 125 participants.  There were publishers and food.  Rob presented all day and divided his workshop into three parts: Community and Lesson Planning, Learner-Centered Instruction, and Critical Thinking.  They were an enthusiastic group.

In Florida three days later, Rob did a second set of presentations on the same topics.  The teachers were also very sharp and well prepared to talk about the information.  Rob’s workshops are mostly experiential and participants mostly participate in activities to learn new concepts. There is never a dull moment.  Here are the workshops:

Effective Strategies Handout 2016

Effective Strategies 2016 PPT

National Geographic Learning and the Rep, Cindy Lee, sponsored Rob’s attendance. Cindy also created a microsite:  http://go.cengage.com/flex/elite_standout/89725


In In March of 2011, Rob did an all day seminar for Inland Empire CATESOL in California.  He began by discussing how workshops about “activities” are always so well-attended and popular at conferences.  He also mentioned his concern that without a solid foundation or reason and preparation for activities, good activities might not have the best or hoped for results.

In the following presentation, Rob stresses when different activities would be appropriate and which activities best serve the students at different times within a lesson plan.  He did this through demonstrations of many different activities incorporated into the seminar.

Effective Strategies with a Purpose PPT (PDF), Handout (PDF)

Activities List (PDF) (Updated to 75 Activities)

Try a strategy in the classroom and report below, or comment on the workshop itself.


  1. Thank you so much! Really outstanding!

  2. Here is an email I got about the 2016 workshop:

    Hi Rob – I attended the workshop, “Effective Strategies with a purpose,” at Biola on February 13. I know it has been awhile, but I have been busy trying a few of your ideas! First, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your playing. As a fellow musician, I can appreciate the fact that two passions, music and language, meld together so well. You demonstrate this very effectively!

    Secondly, I wanted to say that since the workshop, I have utilized several of your suggested activities – namely, pair share, active listening, popcorn sharing/reading, corners, Venn diagrams, and surveys. Some of them I already used, but others, I tried, and boy, they worked great! Whenever there was a lull, I used one. Oftentimes, I prevented lulls, and kept them engaged before they even had a chance to sink into their phones or la-la land..in fact, sometimes I have them use their phones. It is especially helpful for early morning students, and the mid-afternoon crash/nap time!

    So, thank you for imparting your enthusiasm, wisdom, generosity, and camaraderie. It has helped me feel more in control and yet, relaxed in the classroom.

    From: Cynthia Azarcon

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