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In Spring 2011,  Staci and Rob went to the Sunshine State TESOL and had the opportunity to be keynotes for Florida’s state TESOL conference.  We have done workshops on similar titles at various California TESOL events as well as the state conference on two different occasions.  We have also done several in other locations in the last 3 years.

The following are the current workshops we are doing on grammar, which are similar but not exactly the same as some of the older ones.

Communication and Grammar: building the bridge from accuracy to fluency PPT (PDF), Handout (PDF), PPT with notes (PPT)

Video Interview Summarizing the Workshop

In Spring 2012, Staci and Rob did a spinoff of the previous workshops they had done on grammar at CATESOL in Oakland.  The importance of Meaning and Context was very clear in this workshop.  We had about 60 participants.

Meaning AND Context PPT (PDF)

Meaning AND Context Handout (PDF)


One comment

  1. I loved the workshop!! It was very helpful. I will be sharing this with my instructors at our upcoming monthly In-Service.
    —Jaime Haile/Academic Director
    ELS Thousand Oaks

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