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Staci Johnson and Rob Jenkins began working together in 1999 when they started work on a new ESL textbook series that would eventually come out in 2002.  This 6-level series was the start of a new revolution in ESL textbooks for adults. The textbooks incorporated the first “Lesson Planners” in the market for adult ESL.  Each lesson in the textbooks follows the Madeline Hunter lesson plan model that the publisher (National Geographic Learning) coined as WIPPEA, Warm-up, Introduction, Presentation, Practice, Evaluation, Application.  Stand Out: Standards-Based English is currently in its third edition and is one of the most popular textbooks for its audience available.  It boasts of  learner-centered instruction, project-based, and task-based learning. Read more at standout.heinle.com.  In 2013, Rob and Staci were recognized by National Geographic Learning for their work in the field and were honored with the Heinle Outstanding Achievement Award.

Rob and Staci were asked by National Geographic Learning to create a new grammar series in 2008.  They developed the idea for Grammar Explorer after two years of research and investigation.  Grammar Explorer is a three-level series for colleges, IEP programs, and adult programs.  It has all the beauty of National Geographic Learning materials while stressing a process that addresses how students learn over just teaching grammar structures.  To learn more about Grammar Explorer, go to the promotion page.

Rob was also asked to help in the development of the second edition of World English. World English is a four level integrated skills series especially useful for international audiences.  The first edition was already a best seller and the second edition boasts of solid lesson planning, TED TALKS, and the beautiful images and video of TED and National Geographic continues to do well.  Go to the promotion page for more information.

Staci Johnson: stacijohnson.esl@gmail.com

Staci Johnson has taught all levels of adult ESL, including credit, non-credit, and workplace English. She holds an MA in Linguistics with a Teaching ESL Certificate, which is supported by more than 10 years in the English language classroom. Her passions are teacher training and curriculum development, both of which she does on a continual basis. She is one of the two authors for Stand Out: Evidence-based Learning for College and Career Readiness, published by National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, now in its third edition. Staci is series editor with Rob Jenkins of Grammar Explorer, a National Geographic Learning textbook series.  She was also the recipient of the 2013 Heinle Outstanding Achievement Award.  Staci is a popular presenter with topics related to learner-centered instruction, multi-level instruction, and grammar instruction.  She has presented throughout the United States.

Rob Jenkins: robjenkins.esl@gmail.com

Rob Jenkins is Professor of English as a Second Language at Santa Ana College, School of Continuing Education, in Southern California. He also serves as the professional development coordinator for Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education. Rob was recently awarded the prestigious Distinguished Faculty Award, the highest honor bestowed by colleagues upon a Santa Ana College faculty member and was an Orange County Teacher of the Year. Rob has worked with CALPRO (California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project) for several years and is very involved with adult education issues in California.  He is the co-author of the textbook series, Stand Out: Evidence-based Learning for College and Career Readiness now in its third edition and published by National Geographic Learning. In addition, he wrote the Lesson Planner for The Heinle Picture Dictionary, wrote an online course for Ed2Go, and was a writer and committee chair for the TESOL Publication, Standards for ESL/EFL Teachers of Adults (2008).  Rob and his co-author Staci Johnson were awarded the Heinle Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013 for their contributions to publishing.  His presentations include keynotes in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Guadalajara as well as many in the United States.  Rob’s interests include topics related to learner-centered instruction and professional development and in 2009 was a presenter for the TESOL Summer Academy.

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