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CASAS and Stand Out have a great history.  We have many reports of increased benchmarks after teachers have used Stand out.  We are very proud of these successes.  With WIOA, things have changed significantly especially in promoting workplace.  Below is PowerPoint of some suggestions we gave on a tour of the East Coast in the summer of 2013.  Any new workshops we would offer would include workplace and pathways.

For several years now, Rob has been giving short 10-minute brief presentations on EL Civics at California EL Civics conferences speaking about how Stand Out can support EL Civics.  He stresses in his short talk that no book can “create” EL Civic lessons because they should be developed with the student community in mind and not a generic community; however, since EL Civics requires 30 hours of support instruction, a book that mirrors the EL Civics objectives, is better equipped to support the EL Civics movement.  With its objectives that are closely aligned with EL Civics objectives, its customizable worksheets (400 per level), and the very developed team projects, Stand Out is an excellent choice to support EL Civics.
Also now with the Integrated El Civics push and funding, it more important than ever to have strong correlations and also the workplace support.

Improving CASAS Benchmarks (Las Vegas 2019) – Especially for Listening

El Civics Correlations, IELC (243 funding) Project Correlation

Stand Out EL Civics 2018 Power Point IELC

Stand Out EL Civics 2018


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