Multilevel Instruction

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Multilevel instruction is becoming more and more a reality in the Adult ESL Classroom.  In our presentations, we stress that teaching multilevel is a skill and a teacher should not get frustrated because he or she cannot do it all, all at once.  The teacher should work on certain skills first and gradually build up to applying the principles we describe in our workshop. Please note that CALPRO-online.org also has a two-session multilevel workshop.  Also, find at their site a community of practice (COP) that you may wish to join to see how others are dealing with this challenging issue.

An Overview of Multilevel ESL Instruction Article (PDF)

Multilevel Instruction 2012 PPT (PDF)

Multilevel ESL Instruction 2010 PPT (PDF)

Sample Lesson Handout (PDF)

Lesson Plan Worksheet (PDF) Multilevel Lesson Plan Template (DOC)

Multilevel Lesson Plan Template 2012 (Word)

75 Effective Activities

Try a strategy in the classroom and report below, or comment on the workshop itself.


  1. Thanks! I am taking a TEFL course to teach in South America, and this post clarified multilevel instruction for me. Previously, I was just at a loss regarding how to accomplish it, having only tutored and not in front of a class.

    • I am glad it helped Caroline!

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