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February 6, 2019

Invite Rob to Your Institution!


Welcome to our website.  You are welcome to leave comments but we really do not expect you to.  If you want to discuss ideas, please feel free.  You can of course just email us.  Staci and I do workshops throughout the country and occasionally internationally. People often ask us for handouts or other resources, so the purpose of the site is for easy access to the handouts and PowerPoints.  Click on the workshop category to the right and download whatever you would like.


Rob Jenkins  (robjenkins.esl@gmail.com)


OC CATESOL Presentation February 2019 – See Teacher Mentoring

EL Civics January and February 2019 – Go to Team Projects (PBL) and CASAS/EL Civics

CATESOL 2018 December – Go to Team Projects (PBL) and Critical Thinking and Standards

Sacramento November 2018 – Go to Employability and Academic Preparation and Lesson Planning

Saddleback Presentation  November 2018 – Go to Employability and Academic Preparation

LA City College & East LA College September-December  2018– Go to Team Projects (PBL), Critical thinking and Standards, Employability and Academic Preparation

Chicago June 2018 – Go to Employability or Critical Thinking


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